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LiftLogix 5500 Garage Door Opener

The LiftLogix 5500 is a feature-rich garage door operator
system, built to last and guaranteed to provide years of
smooth, trouble-free performance. LED lighting and reduced
stand-by consumption make the LiftLogix 5500 the most
efficient residential garage door opener available, while the
direct current (DC) Smart Motor , coupled with a chain or
belt drive system, ensures an amazingly quiet operation.

LiftLogix 5500



LiftLogix  7′ Chain Rail – Included

LiftLogix  7′ Belt Rail – +$99 

LiftLogix  8′ Chain Rail – +$69

LiftLogix  8′ Belt Rail – +$159

LiftLogix 10′ Chain Rail – +$119

LiftLogix 10′ Belt Rail – +$209

Maintenance and Service Scheduling:

Optimizes operator service life and trouble-free performance

Energy Efficient Operation:

Stand-by reduced power usuage

Energy Conservation Feature:

Adjustable light timer from 30 seconds to a maximum of 4 minutes 30 seconds

Self Learn Force System:

Monitors and controls motor force every cycle (Smart Motor) to optimize operation force requirements, due to temperature fluctuations, door movement and floor height changes.

Soft Start/Soft Stop:

Electronically Controlled – Prevents premature door and operator wear and provides quieter operation

Self-Diagnostic System:

LCD display error code indicator for a more efficient (quicker) installation and system troubleshooting.

System reset function clears system memory and restores default system settings


Limited Lifetime Warranty on Motor, Gear Assembly and Rail System. 1- year Limited Parts Warranty

Safety and Convenience

  • Meets and exceeds all UL 325 requirements
  • Easy Operating System
  • External devices Removable Screw Terminals Block located on the rear of the operator for an easier and quicker installation
  • Infrared photo eye protection system.
  • Safety reversal (sensing technology) system, door stops from closing upon contacting a person or object.
  • Warning System (light flashes) during an obstructed condition
  • Manual emergency release in case of power failure
  • On-Command Door Activation (OCDA™), programmable “open” intermediate position to vent the garage
  • Maximum Run Timer – Protects against damage to door and operator, door stops and reverses
  • Close travel position pressure sensitivity adjustment PSATM, protects against damage to door and operation system
  • Self-diagnostic numeric code memory up to 16 diagnostic code stored.



Photo Eye
Safety System

Non-impact, advanced Infrared Safety Sensors reversing system. Complies with all UL 325 requirements and safety regulations.



Modular Multi-Function
Wall Station

Provides door operation and convenience from inside the garage. Compact, stylishly designed to fit in a standard single gang electrical box. Illuminated push-button. Security vacation/lock switch. Light control. Individual control stations can be combined into one solid panel.




Two styles of digital remote control transmitters in three different configurations: 2-channel MINI, 4-channel MINI (optional), and 3-channel MICRO (optional) remotes for controlling other devices. Unique, multi-bit technology, LED control button verification.



Wireless Keyless
Entry System (WKES)

Convenient, 4-digit PIN. Controls up to 3 different garage doors. Code security. Weather resistant. Provides temporary access to authorized visitors or service personnel.