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Our Goals

At LiftLogix, it is our goal to provide a superior garage door opener that provides more value, year after year than any other opener on the market.  All of our units are built to the highest standards of quality, design, safety and reliability, which equals less cost in comparison with other products that will fail.  LiftLogix openers will provide continued, trouble free service every single day for years and years.  With LiftLogix, you win both ways – Incredible performance and reliability with lower yearly costs.

Our Mission

When a 25 year garage door industry veteran set out to deliver the best garage door operator money could buy, LiftLogix was born. Settling for second best was never an option. Teaming up with industry experts, along with the finest designers and engineers from Germany, LiftLogix has sent notice to the rest of the industry that a new standard for excellence had arrived.

   As the rest of the industry is focusing on overseas sweat factories, with poor quality standards to produce cheaply made products, LiftLogix teamed up with the best designers and engineers in Germany to bring quality back to the garage door industry.  Not only will the discerning homeowner appreciate the years of solid, reliable, safe, trouble free service, they will also enjoy a sleek, modern and functional design.  The design and engineering behind these openers rivals that of fine German automobiles.

All of LiftLogix garage door motors are designed, engineered and produced to finished standards in a modern, state of the art, manufacturing facility in Germany. Attention to detail is standard and is paid to every aspect of the garage door motor manufacturing process.

   Known as one of the quietest openers ever produced, LiftLogix exceeds all safety and electrical standards placed on the industry. The DC powered motor is eco-friendly and provides more lifting power to raise todays ever increasing styles and types of residential garage doors.

 The team at LiftLogix works together, as partners in excellence. With team partners that have managed large, global manufacturers to working inside the German factories, we stay ahead of the wave in producing garage door products that lead in quality, practical technology and style

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